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The Decision Group has a wide array of Advanced Strategic Tools that are typically used as catalysts in decision making. Clients frequently ask for these standalone tools. No frills. For the latest in Advanced Strategic Tools and how they can be of help in your project or decision making process, or for any questions regarding the use of our tools, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Conjoint Analysis is a multivariate research technique that is used for measuring, analyzing and predicting customer’s responses to new products/services and to new features of existing products/services. It is based on the idea that consumers value of a product/service based on the value of different individual characteristics (attributes) of that product/service. Choices made in a (online) survey result in the valuation of relative importance of the attributes. Consumers have to make a optimal trade-offs in the different characteristics.
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Continuously, business environments change; new competitors enter the market, new technologies appear and other substitution services or products reach your clients. To stay ahead of the curve, it is necessary to think about your business model over and over again. The Advanced Business Model Canvas maps all important aspects of the business, and generates new ideas to improve your business model. The aim is to shift from a collection of knowledge, documents, insights and ideas to a more structured business model which is future-proof and takes into account the insight of the different factors of your environment and the specific goals and ambitions.
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In the decision making process it is necessary to look ahead and think about future implications. By definition, the future involves uncertainty. However, even uncertain business environments contain some degree of strategic information. Many organizations face increasing uncertainty in their business landscape and are looking for a hands-on approach to create a dynamic strategic planning process. The Decision Group has developed a special tool to reduce these uncertainties: Scenario 3.0. Scenario 3.0 is a scenario planning tool used to reduce the uncertainties faced by companies. In developing different scenario’s the trends are identified, uncertainties and driving forces of the business landscape are thoroughly investigated and used to create plausible, relevant and surprising scenarios.
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Strategy and Governance Masterclass
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