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We offer leading edge thought leadership.
From ‘hard-core’ strategy consulting to accelerating implementation through action learning that works.


Is to ensure alignment of strategic decisions within our clients companies. Creating common ground and a shared point of view is often the stepping stone to successful strategy making & implementation.

Engaging Decision Makers and their staff in a Strategic Dialogue establishes just that. We differentiate through our industry experience and knowledge, our highly customized approaches and application of our state-of-the-art Decision Lab.

Problem solving efforts are often futile without the appropriate insight. We help our clients with tailored (research) studies into various areas, either theme- or industry-related. Being able to clarify the different options or scenarios helps our clients in taking substantiated decisions or defining strong alternatives. Our leading Modeling experience and capability is a great asset to our clients.

We facilitate our clients with their greatest current challenges: Growth and Innovation. From building a co-operation network between like-minds, through to redefining strategic innovation processes.

The Decision Group values long-term client relationships, leading-edge knowledge, novel & customized approaches, using state-of-the-art tools and techniques. Many of our staff have positions at different (international) Universities, from Professor of Strategy and Strategy Dynamic, to Lectures in Growth & Innovation, through to Business Modeling.

We are driven to help our clients to set their Strategic Agenda, and guide them through the execution of their agenda.


The Decision Group has worked with Blue Chip companies, start-up companies and trade-associations. Our approach is the result of our work with many different companies. The best compliment and measure of success is the re-buy rate of 92 % !