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The Decision Group and affiliate The Decision Institute have an extensive expertise on clusters and competitiveness. This is underlined by the foundation of the Netherlands Institute of Competitiveness in March 2012. This knowledge is converted to a track record of projects in cluster assessment, cluster development and microeconomics of competitiveness. The Decision Group can monitor the performance of your sector, industry, cluster or association.


The Decision Group will develop a database with all companies within your sector, industry, cluster or association. Developments are analysed and recommendations will be made for future improvement. In special cases, an Academic Council can be set up for thorough academic grounding of our theoretic models and validation of our methodologies. This leads to a monitor of performance and progress of your industry or association helping to stay ahead of the curve. A competiviness monitor can be used as an objective tool for a range of activities; lobby practices, decision making, and to attract investors from outsite.


For more information about performance monitoring, please  contact us by mail or phone.

Information about our example projects on performance monitoring, can be found on our website. The Dutch Life Sciences Outlook of 2012 and other year can be downloaded here.