Helping our clients to improve their individual business while being proactive and leading in industry changing dynamics. We aim to be thought leaders in finding, creating & evaluating new business & operating models, and helping our clients in defending their current business. Consumer Related Business categorizes those industries where all thinking is driven by and aimed at larger groups of end-consumers. Most of our work is focused on Media, Communications & Entertainment, as well as on the Automotive Sector. Our ambition is to strengthen our thought leadership & knowledge position, as well as maximizing the cross-fertilization of experience between the industries.


Our collective experience provides deep insight into the dynamics of this industry. We have worked for organizations at all ends of the spectrum, from publishing companies to telecom operators (old & new style), from concept factories to movie distribution and theme parks. Our belief is that obtaining insight into developments, especially into disruptive events or actions in the combined- marketplace, requires dedicated attention. Acting upon those insights requires nimble capabilities in the full spectrum of decision making.

One of the industries that is under pressure from many strategic angles is the automotive industry. From production efficiencies to free-competition, all players in the industry value chain need to be very adaptive. Our ambition is to work with market leaders or their challengers to defend or improve their business in the existing market, and help them in determining strategies & courses of action within or toward the different roles in the value chain, and beyond.


Leading international entertainment conglomerate: we have developed a strategic B2B agenda/ impact of pricing strategies, as well as determining the trade-offs in consumer decision making processes. Together with the country management of a leading multinational publishing company, we explored the possibilities of new market opportunities and identified new market initiatives. The fastest growing business unit of a large publishing and media company asked our support in defining a new growth strategy and growth initiatives. For one of the specialized Business Units of a large international publishing company we reviewed & enhanced their strategic plan and helped them identifying and choosing new ways of competing. The Home Entertainment division of a major entertainment company : new product development and related positioning and launching, as well as developing a distribution strategy. Revisioning B2B marketing strategy for a Top-3 Car Manufacturer as well as creating an action plan with their international management team. Through a market study and strategic dialogue we set a clear direction and created buy-in and awareness for the strategy implementation phase. We supported a Lease Company in their growth strategy. We determined the leading forces in the industry’s value chain and showed which competitive strategies would lead to sustainable competitive advantage.