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On February 5th, 2015, the new Dutch Life Sciences Outlook was released. This year, the Outlook contains a dedicated article on the performance of the Dutch Life Sciences cluster, and a supportive graph document. The Dutch Life Sciences Outlook was presented at Innovation for Health, in presence of all stakeholders from the Dutch Life Sciences and Health Cluster.

  • The Dutch Life Sciences Outlook 2015 – article – can be downloaded here.



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Patiënten in STZ ziekenhuizen profiteren van de toename van het aantal klinische onderzoeken in STZ ziekenhuizen. In het vandaag verschenen rapport ‘Health Outlook 2014’ blijkt dat het aantal patiëntgebonden onderzoeken is gestegen. Ook het budget voor onderzoek is met 22 procent toegenomen. Een STZ ziekenhuis investeert gemiddeld bijna een miljoen euro per jaar aan onderzoek in 2013. De Health Outlook 2014 toont aan dat toegepast onderzoek steeds meer leeft binnen de topklinische STZ ziekenhuizen. Dat wordt zichtbaar door de gedreven experts, initiatiefrijke onderzoekers en de samenwerking met collega ziekenhuizen en universitaire medische centra. De Health Outlook 2014 is een analyse van de gegevens van 26 STZ ziekenhuizen op het gebied van onderzoek, innovatie en valorisatie. Het rapport is door de STZ samen met het strategische adviesbureau The Decision Group opgesteld. Lees hier het gehele persbericht. Download de Health Outlook 2014 of bezoek de site via www.healthoutlook.nl.


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On February 11th, 2014 the new Dutch Life Sciences Outlook 2014 has appeared. The Outlook is an annual report on monitoring and improving the Dutch Life Sciences cluster and is developed by The Decision Group. The Dutch Life Sciences Outlook was presented at Innovation for Health, in presence of all stakeholders from the Dutch Life Sciences & Health Cluster.

  • The Dutch Life Sciences Outlook 2014 can be downloaded here.
  • Download the official press release and the Infographic.
  • The Methodology Appendices can be downloaded here.


Since 2011 the success of the Dutch Life Sciences & Health cluster is being monitored by The Decision Group on a yearly basis. The number of drugs in development within the Netherlands (drugs at phase 1, 2 and 3 of the clinical trials) is one of the measured indicators. An additional study has been completed that investigated the drugs developed by the Dutch University Medical Centers (UMCs), a firebox of innovation in the field of Life Sciences & Health which has not received sufficient attention yet. The Press Release – Dutch UMCs can be downloaded here. The complete new Dutch Life Sciences Outlook will be launched on February 11, 2014 at Innovation for Health.


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The Decision Group and STZ presented the first Health Outlook on Friday June 14 2013 for a group of 150 key stakeholders in Health & Life Sciences. The objective of the Health Outlook is to annually measure and monitor the valorization and cooperation of applied research hospitals, with each other and with the industry, to contribute to a successful and innovative Life Science & Health cluster. The Dutch Life Sciences & Health Outlook 2013 can be downloaded here.The extra appendices E & F of the Health Outlook can be downloaded here. Download the official press release.


LSO2012The Dutch Life Sciences Outlook 2012 can be downloaded here.





LSO2011The Dutch Life Sciencs Outlook 2011 can be downloaded here.


The Decision Group The Decision Group is a high-end consulting form with over 15 years of expertise in Life Sciences and Healthcare industries. The Decision Group is expert on clusters and competitiveness of clusters and carries out research in this field. Academic connections with Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter and his Institute for Strategy & Competitiveness, The Cluster observatory of the Stochholm School of Business, Grenoble Management School and The George Washington University have led to an Academic Council that fully supports and validated the methodology we developed to monitor the Dutch Life Sciences & Health cluster. See also our Homepage. For further details on the Dutch Life Sciences Outlook and our consulting projects, you can contact us via: info@thedecisiongroup.nl


Life Sciences Health Life Sciences Health (LSH) is the national cluster organization of the Dutch life sciences & health sector: “We strive to utilize the sector’s potential to the utmost, enabling patients and society to benefit from its excellent position in research and healthcare. Our point of departure is the value of its activities for businesses, more specifically, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Our goal: a healthy life sciences and health sector where we all benefit from.” Read more on the LSH website: www.lifescienceshealth.com.