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Scenario planning is about not missing opportunities or being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Scenario planning is used to reduce the uncertainties companies face.

By developing different scenarios:

∙ trends are identified.

∙ uncertainties and driving forces of the business landscape are thoroughly investigated and used to create plausible, relevant and surprising scenarios.

The Decision Group combines cutting edge academic knowledge on scenario planning, industry knowledge, tools and methods to help our client to develop excellent, high quality scenarios. We immediately bring the Scenario planning to a higher level, setting concrete actions that combine short term results with long term direction.

The Decision Group developed a unique approach to Scenario planning. We combine different levels of uncertainty and results in dynamic scenarios. Contrary to most scenario approaches which result in four fixed images of the future, our dynamic approach combines Scenario planning with the Strategic agenda. This results in an approach that provides your company with a concrete direction and that facilitates the dialogue in your organisation.