• Popularity of corporate governance issues is enhancing

    Nowadays, it is impossible to even turn a page in the newspaper or look at an online news website without discovering headliners concerning corporate governance issues. Fraud, failure in management, excessive salaries and failure in supervision – the press always screams about the tolerance there was regarding these issues, the higher transparency in this day and age which has caused the tolerance-level to shift and they all state that the public is sick of it and demand a solution to these issues.

    The solution is not easy. Qualitative people are needed in boardrooms, and often these are the people who have been working together previously and repeatedly, having earned their reputation in the business. Does naming and shaming help to make sure these people show ethically correct behavior and look for solutions themselves? One thing most researchers and people in the sector agree on is that the board has to discuss what way is best in handling business and how to take responsibility to add value to the society. To do this, a board has to be aware of the dynamics in the board and make sure they evaluate regularly how things are going.

    Are you interested in these dynamics, evaluation-techniques and other corporate governance topics? The Decision Institute has the right program for you. This four-day seminar, ‘Maximize Your Board’s Potential’ will be organized for the fourth time at the Harvard Faculty Club. It discusses the latest trends in the field of corporate governance and how the board and you as an individual can cope with these trends from an international perspective. One positive quote from a former participant:

    Gerard Paulides, Royal Dutch Shell,
    Global Head M&A and Structured Finance:

    “This seminar does an excellent job to understand the structure of boards and the duties and liabilities of the directors in boards. It inspires understanding of the drivers of directors’ behavior in navigating the boardroom. Variations in cross-jurisdictional governance, cross-border operations and the allocation of decision-making powers in one and two-tier boards, is enlightened through the Harvard business cases and interactive sessions”.

    This is only one of the positive quotes we gathered amongst the participants of earlier editions of this seminar. Our alumni participants have or are working for some of the biggest US and European firms, such as ABN AMRO Bank, Aegon, Amrop Executive Search, APG Asset Management, ASR Nederland, Cap Gemini, Cisco Systems, DELL, Deloitte, DNB Central Bank of The Netherlands, Ernst & Young, FloraHolland, Mexx, Shell International, Start People BV, US Embassy Beijing and Woman Capital.

    Look at the website to get more information regarding this seminar or download the brochure.

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  • Meetbaar Beter shares best practices

    The twelve participating hospitals of Meetbaar Beter (Measurably Better) have started sharing their identified best practices. On July 2nd, an internal Meetbaar Beter-event, headlining ‘from insight to improvement’ kicked off. The event marks the next step in this initiative towards transparency and actual improvements based on patient relevant outcome measures.

    Meetbaar Beter – Value Based Health Care

    Cardiologists and thoracic surgeons of participating hospitals, together with The Decision Group developed patient relevant outcomes for major medical conditions within the field of cardiology.

    Meetbaar Beter is based on the methodological concepts of Value Based Health Care (VBHC), originated at the Harvard Business School in Boston. The outcome measures are developed from the perspective of the patient. Using the methodological concepts of Value Based Health Care, real value adding activities are identified and the patient value is accurately measured. For more information on Value Based Health Care, please visit www.vbhc.nl.

    Masterclass on Outcome Measures

    Do you want to learn more about the concept of Value Based Health Care or the development of best practices within your organization? The Decision Institute developed several Masterclasses on Value Based Health Care using the concept of VBHC founded by Prof. Porter.


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  • The Decision Group is a leading-edge strategic consulting firm. Focus: ‘helping our clients to take better business decisions’. Our advice is pragmatic and involved – an ideal stepping stone to the top. As an innovative, high end strategy consulting firm we have strong academic links with international renowned universities. – Find the links to our affiliated Institute and centers –>

    For vacancies, please check ‘join us‘.


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  • The Dutch Life Sciences Cluster is at a crossroads

    A stabilizing cluster on a national level, but relatively moderate growth when compared to international key clusters

    Today, Feb 11, 2014, The Decision Group launches the 5th edition of the Dutch Life Sciences Outlook during Innovation for Health in Amsterdam. The main message this year is that the Dutch cluster finds itself at a crossroads, with the central question “What cluster does the Dutch cluster want to be?”.

    On a national level the cluster is stabilizing after the downsizing of large life sciences companies. It seems that past public investments have had a positive effect on the cluster and that the cluster has sustained the financial crisis.

    Within an international context the Dutch cluster grows less rapidly when compared to seven international top clusters, especially with respect to innovation (the number of products in the pipeline) and attraction of private investments.

    Three options to optimize the cluster

    Based on the advice of international cluster experts from both industry and academia, and based on a thorough data analysis, The Decision Group suggests three options for the cluster to consider, guiding it to a successful future. These three options are:

    • Fragmented hub approach
    • Create a cluster based on Smart specialization
    • Next generation convergence & Co-creation between clusters.

    No matter what option would be chosen or how the dialogue is carried on, keeping talented people in the Netherlands is one of the challenges of the Dutch cluster, as is pointed out by Prof. dr. van Eenennaam, affiliated professor of Microeconomics of Competitiveness (Harvard Business School).

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  • Presenting Outcome Measures on Prostate & Lung Cancer

    Result of the project ‘Zorg voor Uitkomst’.

    In a sold-out symposium tomorrow, February 7th, amongst international experts, outcome measures on Prostate Cancer & Lung Cancer will be presented.

    Patients will have transparant insight into the quality of care in prostate and lung cancer care. Three Santeon hospitals have worked with The Decision Group to be able to present outcome measures on prostate and lung cancer that matter to patients.

    The first results show remarkable differences suggests Eric Vrijhof , urologist at the Catharina Hospital: ” The survival rates over the period from 2007 to 2011 show differences between private and referred patients with prostate surgery. At the St. Antonius Hospital and the CWZ , patients referred by other hospitals have a better survival than their own patients. With external radiation in the Catharina Hospital is the effect the other way : private patients survive significantly better than patients referred, while the treatment is the same. One possible cause is the assessment, what is the severity of the disease at the time that the patient start treatment ? The figures cover the period up to 2011 , so we need to take some care when firm conclusions about the current situation . But this is very useful information to see if there are opportunities to improve care”.(Source: Skipr)

    In the preparation of the outcome indicators hospitals worked closely with a focus group with representatives of patients, insurers and governments. In addition meetings were held with the scientific medical associations. The creation process and the indicators were also evaluated by an international scientific advisory board of The Decision Group for substantive and methodological review.  The hospitals used the principles of Value-Based Healthcare of Prof. Michael Porter of Harvard Business School. These principles were made implementable by the methodology  developed by The Decision Group.

    For more information:

    Website: Zorg voor Uitkomst

    Clinical Management Masterclasses on Value-based Healthcare methodology & best practice cases

    Website: The Decision Institute

    Other example of Value-based Healthcare and Outcome Measures:

    Website: Meetbaar Beter

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  • Hiring ambitious Program Coordinators

    We are currently looking for Program Coordinators for our executive branch The Decision Institute. If you are a flexible and independent colleague and are looking for a job where you can manage and coordinate the national and international executive programs a leading edge institute, we invite you to take a look at our vacancy.

    The Decision Group is a dynamic consulting firm and is always looking for motivated, enthusiastic and talented people. The Decision Institute is our educative branch. Within The Decision Institute we offer tailor-made in-company programs solving complex problems, while simultaneously developing leadership skills. We offer (executive) programs on Strategy & Governance, Healthcare and Life Sciences. We provide in-house programs and change and implementation projects, to roll out core concepts of our business areas. The institute has strong academic links with international renowned universities such as Harvard Business School, The George Washington University and Erasmus University.

    Graduates as well as more experienced people are more than welcome to apply. Strong communicative skills are essential, as well as an excellent command of written and spoken English and Dutch. You can apply for a career with The Decision Group by emailing your application (b.mees@thedecisiongroup.nl). Of course, you can also send them by traditional mail. We will contact you as soon as possible.

    Take a look at our vacancies for more information on the process.

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  • Groeiend Meetbaar Beter werpt vruchten af

    De aanpak van het programma Meetbaar Beter zorgt tot op het niveau van de individuele arts voor aantoonbaar betere zorg. Die conclusie werd op woensdag 27 november tijdens het Symposium Meetbaar Beter in Apeldoorn gepresenteerd door de 8 hartcentra die hun behandelingsresultaten openbaar maken.

    “Meetbare resultaten die geboekt zijn, zijn ondermeer het terugdringen van het aantal nabloedingen en diepe wondinfecties,” zegt Jacques Koolen, cardioloog in het hartcentrum van het Catharina-ziekenhuis in Eindhoven. Dat bevestigt ook Victor Umans, cardioloog in het Medisch Centrum Alkmaar (MCA) en vicevoorzitter van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Cardiologie (NVVC). “Alleen al de aandacht voor de indicatoren is bewustwording en dat leidt tot verbetering,” zegt Koolen. “Het doel is om ervan te leren en verbeterstappen te zetten.”


    Stichting Meetbaar Beter heeft een solide methodologische basis onder haar programma gelegd door een partnershipovereenkomst aan te gaan met The Decision Group. Laatstgenoemde heeft Value Based Healthcare praktisch toepasbaar gemaakt en ondersteunt de stichting Meetbaar Beter op diverse niveaus. De methodiek van The Decision Group is gebaseerd op het gedachtegoed uit Hardvard (van Prof. M. Porter van Harvard Business School in Boston). Hierin staat het maximaliseren van de toegevoegde waarde voor de patiënt per geinvesteerde euro centraal.

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  • Dutch Life Science Outlook 2014 launch on Innovation for Health

    On Tuesday February 11, 2014 The Decision Group presents the fifth edition of the Dutch Life Sciences Outlook, during the event Innovation for Health at the RAI Amsterdam.
    The Outlook presentation covers:
    • The performance of the Dutch Life Sciences Cluster in relation to the international context;
    • the way we can increase the success of the cluster
    • and how cluster organizations can enhance the success?
    Register in advance for Innovation for Health, as a relation of The Decision Group! You will receive a discount of € 50,- on the entrance fee. Visit the website for the complete program of Innovation for Health.
    Please let us know when you would like to apply. For application, questions or further information, contact Anna Muyden by email: a.vanmuyden@thedecisiongroup.nl or by phone: 0346 574 942.

    Previouw editions of the Outlook, as well as press releases can be downloaded from our website www.lifesciencesoutlook.com.

    Innovation for Health

    Innovation for Health is a new and inspiring event about innovations in healthcare and prevention. It provides a unique opportunity to meet leading scientists, to catch up with the latest trends, to present cutting-edge innovations and to engage with leaders and decision makers in healthcare innovation. Innovation for Health features thought-provoking speakers, displays high impact innovations, highlights best practices and demonstrates inspiring developments in healthcare. By fostering dialogue between research, markets, and policy makers, the event aims to accelerate implementation of innovations for human healthcare.

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  • Launch MeetbaarBeter Foundation website

    Yesterday the offical website of the Meetbaar Beter Foundation went live!

    To facilitate the ambitions and professional approach of the Meetbaar Beter Foundation and her participating HeartCenters, an appropriate website has been launched.  The website address has remained unchanged www.meetbaarbeter.com. The new website will enable to retrieve relevant (progress) information on the project. Through this website it is also possible to register for the Symposium of this November 27th, where this year’s Outcomes Book(s) will be presented.

    The Meetbaar Beter project was started in 2010/2011 through a co-operation between the Catharina Hospital, the Antonius Hospital and The Decision Group. In 2013 an independent Foundation was started to provide continuity to the initiative and invite more hospitals. Since 2013 6 more hospitals joined. Participating HeartCenters in the MeetbaarBeter Foundation are:

    • Academisch Medisch Centrum Amsterdam
    • Amphia Ziekenhuis
    • Catharina Ziekenhuis
    • Isala Klinieken
    • Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis
    • St. Antonius Ziekenhuis
    • Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen
    • Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht

    The Meetbaar Beter Foundation uses the methodology as developed by The Decision Group. This methodology is based on the work on Value-based Healthcare by Prof Michael Porter of Harvard Business School. The Decision Group is the European Partner of Prof. Michael Porter, and has made his work implementable through their developed methodology.

    The Decision Group participates in The Value-based Healthcare Center Europe (vbhc.eu). The VBHCE wants to transfer, connect and contribute to the broad dissemination of the concepts of Value-based Healthcare. In this light the PorterPrize 2014 has been founded. To award superior performance in patient value and doctor-led initiatives (porterprize.eu).

    [caption id="attachment_2626" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Website MeetBaarBeter Foundation. The Decision Group is Methodology Partner."][/caption]

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  • Launch of the first Dutch Health Outlook: Monitoring Applied Research

    The Decision Group and STZ presented the first Health Outlook on Friday June 14  for a group of  150 key stakeholders in Health & Life Sciences. The objective of the Health Outlook is to annually measure and monitor the valorization and cooperation of applied research hospitals, with each other and with the industry, to contribute to a successful and innovative Life Science & Health cluster.

    As a result we have created a valuable tool that provides a basis for healthcare policy decisions (for individual hospitals and at a national level). (more…)

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