• Research and education cooperations strengthened

    Barcelona/Amsterdam – 1 June 2012 – IESE Business School in cooperation with Intrabond Capital Corporation (Dr. Rodria Laline) and The Decision Institute (Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam) have joined forces to bring the much acclaimed ‘Maximize Your Board’s Potential’ seminar on corporate governance to European soil.

    IESE Business School published a press release on the cooperation with The Decision Institute , partner of The Decision Group. A European edition of the successful Maximize Your Board’s Potential is designed and will be held in 2013.

    • Read the complete press release of IESE
    • Visit The Decision Institute website for more information on our Maximize Your Board’s Potential seminar
    • Register now for the 3rd edition by filling in the application form.

    Academic Collaborations

    On the areas of Research, Education and Academic Grounding of methodologies and projects, The Decision Group collaborates with various world class universities and business schools. The last months, these collaborations and our Academic Connections are further strengtened and expanded. On June 27, our International Academic Advisory Council on Life Sciences and Clusters will meet again to support development of the Dutch Life Sciences & Health Outlook 2013 with an exclusive visit to the Netherlands.

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  • The Decision Group Framework: a new way of looking at diagnostics

    At the successful event on The Value of Diagnostics of June 5th 2012, The Decision Group Framework was launched. This decision framework for diagnostics will help organizations to asses the value of diagnostics. The framework and methodology received very positive replies from the audience:

    • The event was very usefull and inspiring. It gave me a new vision on how to interpret costs and value. – Medical specialist
    • The Decision Framework is innovative and can result in product improvement. The Value of Diagnostics is the ‘new thinking’  – Director of Life Sciences company
    • The Decision Group succeeded to open a new discussion on diagnostics, via a differen point of view and a practical approach’  – Head Clinical Chemistry

    A large variety of stakeholder groups were present at the event. A sample of the companies and organisations represented:

    Borstkankervereniging Nederland IKNL
    Check-Points B.V.  Isala Klinieken
    Citeq Health Products Ned. Ver. voor Radiologie
    De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar Nucletron
    Diaconessenhuis Meppel NVOG
    Distrilab BV Philips Healthcare Benelux
    E-nose Radboud University Nijmege MC
    Erasmus MC Roche Diagnostics Nederland
    Flevoziekenhuis Saltro 
    Forbion Capital Partners Saxenburgh groep
    GE Healthcare St Lucas Andreas Ziekenhuis
    Glaxo Smith Kline Virtual Proteins BV
    Haga Teaching Hospital Vu University Medical Center
    Hycult Biotech  


    During the discussion it became clear that this new approach brings high added value for the different stakeholders.  Actions to learn more:

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    Executive Education Programs Healthcare by affiliate The Decision Institute: 
    Clinical Management Workshop Series
    Masterclasses Value Based Health Care
    Strategy & Goverancence Excellence Series
    Masterclass Healthcare ‘New&Improved’

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  • Masterclass on Outcome Measures

    At our affiliate The Decision Institute’s Masterclass on Outcome Measures on February 14th, delegates of various medical boards were introduced to the key aspectes of Value Based Healthcare and the creation of Patient Value.  Establishing Outcome Measurement, the topic of the masterclass,  is an essential step in creating Patient Value and helps to define a unique Value Proposition and  facilitate decision making & dialogue. The participants got a quick overview of developments in measurement, after which a practical workshop with 5 steps towards establishing a comprehensive set of Outcome Measures was followed.

    Some of the enthusiastic replies on the Masterclass:
    “The masterclass gave a good and clear overview on outcome measures in a relatively short amount of time”
    “Good examples and discussions”
    “Good discussion on parameters and indicators”
    “Plenary discussions and the diversity of the audience were the best parts of the session” 
    “It was great that the session was so interactive and I liked the part on filling the Care Delivery Value Chain”

    The Decision Group and Outcome Measures

    The Decision Group works as the European partner of prof. Porter to roll out the principles of Value Based Healthcare, of which establishing  Outcome Measures is an integral part. Currently The Decision Group is running various pilot projects. Our flagship project is the definition of Outcome Measures for the heart centers of Catharina and Sint Antonius Hospitals. 
    For more information about The Decision Group and Outcomes, you can visit our special website.

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    – Executive Education Programs Healthcare by affiliate The Decision Institute: 
    Clinical Management Workshop Series
    Masterclass Healthcare ‘New&Improved’

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  • The Decision Group consultant Roald van Leeuwen to advise OLVG Board

    [caption id="attachment_1315" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="OLVG by Yme Bosma"]By Yme Bosma[/caption]

    After nearly six years of working for The Decision Group and The Decision Institute, ir. Roald van Leeuwen says goodbye. Roald started his career at The Decision Group in 2006 and had a focus on the Life Sciences industry. Furthermore Roald was lecturer of the Nyenrode Business University on scenario planning and dealing with uncertainty.

    Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis

    At the start of February, Roald switches jobs and will start in the ‘Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis’ Hospital  in Amsterdam as Advisor to the hospital board. The Decision Group wishes Roald all the best with his new career.

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  • The Decision Group hosts Dutch Hospital CEOs to Exclusive Harvard Workshop

    In the first week of January four Dutch Hospital CEOs accompanied Ir. Maarten Koomans (partner of The Decision Group) to the Harvard Business School in Boston.

    Prof. Porter emphasized our fine relationship by introducing the Decision Group as “our (Harvard Business School. red.) partner in unrolling the concepts of Value Based Healthcare in the Netherlands and Europe.”

    Value Based Healthcare

    During the Strategy for Healthcare Delivery Workshop, the latest insights were shared on Value Based Healthcare. Business cases of best practice hospitals were discussed with subjects like Time-driven Activity Based Costing, Outcome Measures, Integrated Practice Units and Network Strategy. Prof. Kaplan, the world renowned expert on accounting, was a keynote speakers during the workshop.

    The Decision Group has expertise on all Value Based Healthcare topics and integrates the best practices in our Healthcare projects. The “flagship project” is the definition of Outcome Measures for both Catharina Hospital and Antonius Hospital. In our Clinical Management Workshop Series the latest insights on Value Based Healthcare are shared with participating stakeholders in Dutch Healthcare.

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    Masterclass Outcome Measures
    Clinical Management Workshop Series
    Masterclass Healthcare ‘New&Improved’

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  • Dutch Life Sciences Outlook 2012 in the news

    After the successful launch of the Dutch Life Science Outlook 2012,  Dutch media published the report’s key messages in newspapers, and in newsitems on Dutch television. 

    Key messages

    Most attention was paid to the survey-based forecasts that start-up and smaller companies in the biotechnology will get under high pressure if they don’t get access to private and public investments. Contrary to the focus chosen by Dutch newspapers, the key conclusions from the Outlook 2012 according to The Decision Group are:

    • Growth and outperformance: The Dutch lsh cluster shows growth in size and products and ouperforms the Dutch economy on growth in number of companies and employment.
    • Positive Expectations: Entrepreneurs have positive expectations of the future despite disappearence of large companies.
    • Partnering: Facilitating (international) partnerships remains very important or future growth of the companies in the Dutch lsh cluster.

     Het Financieel Dagblad, the newspaper with an economic and financial focus, spent two articles on the Dutch Life Science Outlook 2012:
    Geldstroom ‘life sciences’ dreigt op te drogen – FD of Thursday 19 January 2012, page 14
    Subsidie schraagt groei life sciences – FD of Monday 23 January 2012

    Furthermore, a special news item about the changes in the Life Sciences Sector based on the Outlook, was broadcast by RTL Z, the financial news channel.

    Life Sciences and The Decision Group

    The Decision Group has extensive expertise on Life Sciences. Our client list includes many companies in big pharma as well as in medical devices and biotech. This expertise is underlined by the yearly published Dutch Life Sciences Outlook.

    More information about The Decision Group’s work on Life Sciences can be found on our special website.
    The Dutch Life Sciences Outlook 2012 can be downloaded from our dedicated website www.lifesciencesoutlook.com.
    Official press release of Outlook 2012 by Life Science & Health: Stijging aantal bedrijven en werkgelegenheid biotech sector

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  • Dutch Life Sciences Outlook 2012 released

    On Wednesday January 18th, Prof. dr. F. van Eenennaam, partner of The Decision Group, presented the Dutch Life Sciences Outlook for a group of  60 key stakeholders in Life Sciences. The Outlook yearly monitors Dutch Life Sciences & Health Cluster success and measures  performance and progress of the sector. This yearly systematic Outlook is created in close collaboration between The Decision Group and Life Sciences Health.

    Clusters & Competitiveness

    Prior to presenting the Outlook, Prof dr. F. van Eenennaam gave a Masterclass on Cluster Development, where theory and practicalities of clusters were discussed, as well as implications for Dutch policy makers. The Decision Group has extensive expertise on Clusters & Competitiveness. See also our Clusters & Competitiveness website

    The Dutch Life Sciences Outlook 2012 can be downloaded from our dedicated website www.lifesciencesoutlook.com.

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  • Shape strategy: Ahead of the curve in Association Management

    In the December edition of VM (Verenigingsmanagement Magazine; Click to download the full article), Prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam, ir. Roald van Leeuwen and ir. Niels van Gorp set an outline on  how to stay ‘ahead of the curve’ in association management. The underlying question is: how to deal with increased uncertainty while keeping up with the rapid speed of changing environment. The suggestions and practical tips are illustrated by best practices of the shape strategy in diverse industries. In the article, Dirk Hogervorst of FloraHolland shares insights on moments of truth for the cooperative flower auction and  on how they manage to stay ahead of the curve as a cluster.

    The Decision Group and Association Management

    Since 1998, The Decision Group has extensive expertise in projects on Clusters and Competitiveness. The Decision Group has helped  monitoring  clusters success, developed strategic plans and scenario’s and is active in association management. Our work in clusters has academic grounding through Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam’s connects to Harvard’s  Microeconomics of Competitiveness course and international network.

    More information of our approach and examples about Association Management and Clusters can be found in on this page.

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  • The Decision Group consultant Paul van der Nat to advise St. Antonius Hospital Board

    After four years of working for The Decision Group and The Decision Institute, dr. Paul van der Nat says goodbye. Paul has meant a lot for the company over the past years.

    St Antonius Hospital Nieuwegein

    At the start of this new year, Paul  switches jobs and will start in January in the St Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein as  Senior Policy Advisor to the hospital board. The Decision Group wishes Paul all the best with his new career.

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  • NGI Life Sciences Momentum 2011 – Prosensa Case

      With great pride and enthusiasm we have presented with Hans Schikan (CEO Prosensa) the making of the Prosensa case. The presentation was held at The 30- minute session of NGI’s Life Sciences Momentum 2011.

    Background on the Prosensa case:

    Currently a consortium consisting of NGI, LUMC, LSH, Prosensa, PGGM, Leiden University and The Decision Group are developing the Prosensa case. The objective of the case is to demonstrate a success story of the Dutch biotech cluster which can be used for teaching at various universities and for promotional activities within the Netherlands or abroad.

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