Dutch Economic Strategy Discussed with Harvard students

Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam, partner of The Decision Group and Dirk Hogervorst, of FloraHolland, acted as case protagonists in Prof. Michael Porters’s teaching of the Dutch Flower Cluster case. The topics discussed were on strategies in clusters and competitiveness in relation to the Dutch Economy. The Dutch Flower Cluster Case, the succes story of the flower industry in The Netherlands, is a Harvard Business School case written by Prof. Porter, Dr. Ramirez-Vallejo and Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam with the help of Dirk Hogervorst of FloraHolland. The flower industry is important for the Dutch economy and part of the topsector horticulture & propagation materials. With topsectors, the Dutch government has set a focus on core clusters for innovation policy.  

The Decision Group and Clusters and Competitiveness

The Decision Group has extensive expertise in competitiveness, clusters and associations. Our work in clusters has academic grounding through Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam’s connects to Harvard’s  Microeconomics of Competitiveness course and international network. The Decision Group helps monitoring clusters success, develops strategic plans and scenario’s, and is active in association management. For 4 years now, The Decision Group develops a yearly Outlook for the Dutch Life Science Health cluster, monitoring performance & progress with recommendations for future improvement. The Decision Group just started development of the Dutch Life Sciences & Health Outlook 2013. 

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