Luxury Good potential for Dutch Flowers discussed with Monaco MBA’s

In the effort to help the internationalization of the Dutch flower cluster further, a workshop with case discussion was provided by Partner of The Decision Group at the International University of Monaco. The potential of Dutch flowers as a luxury good were explored during case discussion of the Harvard Business Case on the cluster. The Dutch Flower Cluster is one of the top clusters in the Netherlands, a designated “topgebied”  for innovation policy.

The Decision Group and Clusters and Competitiveness

Since 1998, The Decision Group has developed extensive expertise on Clusters and Competitiveness.  The Decision Group has helped monitoring clusters success, developed strategic plans and scenario’s and is active in association management. Furthermore, advanced strategic tools as Scenario 3.0 and the Decision Lab 3.0 are developed to help you to make your business decisions and to improve your competitive advantage. Our work on clusters and competitiveness has academic grounding through our connects to Prof. Michael Porter and his  Microeconomics of Competitiveness course and international network, linked with HBS’s Institute for Strategy & Competitiveness.

The Decision Group Strategy Consulting on Competitiveness & Clusters:
Consulting on Competitiveness & Clusters
Decision lab 3.0
Monitoring Succes of the Dutch Life Sciences Cluster

The Decision Institute: Clusters and Competitiveness:
The Netherlands Institute of Competitiveness
Microeconomics of Competitiveness
The Dutch Flower Cluster Case

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