Masterclass on Outcome Measures

At our affiliate The Decision Institute’s Masterclass on Outcome Measures on February 14th, delegates of various medical boards were introduced to the key aspectes of Value Based Healthcare and the creation of Patient Value.  Establishing Outcome Measurement, the topic of the masterclass,  is an essential step in creating Patient Value and helps to define a unique Value Proposition and  facilitate decision making & dialogue. The participants got a quick overview of developments in measurement, after which a practical workshop with 5 steps towards establishing a comprehensive set of Outcome Measures was followed.

Some of the enthusiastic replies on the Masterclass:
“The masterclass gave a good and clear overview on outcome measures in a relatively short amount of time”
“Good examples and discussions”
“Good discussion on parameters and indicators”
“Plenary discussions and the diversity of the audience were the best parts of the session” 
“It was great that the session was so interactive and I liked the part on filling the Care Delivery Value Chain”

The Decision Group and Outcome Measures

The Decision Group works as the European partner of prof. Porter to roll out the principles of Value Based Healthcare, of which establishing  Outcome Measures is an integral part. Currently The Decision Group is running various pilot projects. Our flagship project is the definition of Outcome Measures for the heart centers of Catharina and Sint Antonius Hospitals. 
For more information about The Decision Group and Outcomes, you can visit our special website.

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