• The Decision Group study on Future value of diagnostics

    Value of diagnostics in healthcare

    In healthcare systems stakeholders have always focused less on diagnostics than on treatments. In current unsustainable healthcare systems however, stakeholders see diagnostics as an important lever to increase the value per Euro spent. Diagnostics influence as much as 60-70% of healthcare decision making while expenditure on diagnostics is even less than 4% of total health expenditure. Before diagnostics can contribute to a productivity and sustainability increase in healthcare however, stakeholders have to gain insight in the non-monetary value of diagnostics.

    The Decision Group study

    For this reason The Decision Group initiated a study on diagnostics. The study resulted in insight in the added value of diagnostics in healthcare and the increased ability to make reliable investment-decisions on diagnostics. The development of validated model for value assessment is aimed to be completed mid-summer of 2011.

    On the picture the executive session we held at Slot Zeist to involve expert opinions in the program.

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