• Astra Zeneca and Antonius Conference on Cardio and Outcomes

    Outcome Measures in Cardiology

    Friday the 23rd of September St. Antonius hospital and AstraZeneca organized a successful conference on innovation and outcomes in cardiology. The speakers focused on the status and developments on healthcare quality measurement and reporting from the perspective of health insurers (Ms. D. Monissen, De Friesland), hospitals (Ir. D. M. Schraven, St. Antonius hospital), and cardiologists (prof. S.K. James, MD, PhD). Prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam started off the conference with a presentation on the methodology and implementation of outcome measures in hospital care. Focus of his presentation are the newest insight and developments of The Decision Group from research and cooperation in their international network with The George Washington University, St. Gallen Universitat, and Harvard Business School. The conference showed a high-level of interaction between cardiologists, hospital executives, patient representatives and government policy makers.

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    ir. Maarten Koomans
    Paul van der Nat
    prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam

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