The Decision Group has a track record in the Life Sciences industry, including working with the big pharma, medical device companies and biotech companies. The business landscape for companies in the life sciences in changing rapidly, forcing difficult decisions. Examples are how to create patient centered relations with your customers or how to generate growth with pricing pressures. The Decision Group, together with its academic links, provides an excellent combination of in-depth knowledge of life sciences and healthcare. We strongly believe that the key to an affordable healthcare includes a strong and responsible role of the life sciences industry.


The three methods we use, to transfer the knowledge and right directions, are workshops, in-house education and change/implementation programs.

  • Workshops: We provide insights in the best practices and latest international knowledge
  • Inhouse Programs: We show how we do it, so you can do it yourself
  • Projects: We will assist you in implementing the method through your organization


  • Value-Based Health Care related projects 
    • Inhouse Trainings / Lectures
    • Adding Value – White spots analyses
    • Investment decisions on new diagnostic methods
    • Supporting firms and hospitals with defining outcome measures.
  • Monitoring performance study RedMedtech Ventures: RedMedtech Ventures supports Life Science & Health startups.
  • Growth strategy for large pharma company Developed the new growth strategy for the main product in the Netherlands. Project resulted in ROI of 200% within 5 months
  • Pan-European service strategy for large medical device company Developed a pan-European service strategy for maximizing extra revenue from services
  • Building future scenario’s for large pharma Developed company specific scenario’s for the future and an action agenda to deal with the changes
  • Changing business model for large pharma Developed new business model for large pharma to deliver more patient centred services
  • BioBusiness Week 2015 – Harvard Business Case Discussion – Prosensa, pioneering & partnering.


  • Dutch Life sciences Outlooks 2010 – 2015 The Life Sciences Outlook is a monitor of the Dutch life sciences & health cluster. The Decision Group’s monitoring methodology was used for the Dutch top sector plan for the Life Sciences cluster that was presented to the Dutch Ministry of Economics in June 2011. Visit
  • Prosensa – Pioneering & Partnering: is a Harvard Business Style Case on the success of the Biotech company Prosensa and Dutch Life Sciences &  Health cluster. The case is written by The Decision Institute: Prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam, Kim Bruheim, Msc., ir. Roald van Leeuwen and Fred Vuijk, Bsc . The objective is to demonstrate a success story of the Dutch biotech cluster which can be used for teaching at various universities and for promotional activities within the Netherlands or abroad. A consortium consisting of Leiden University, LSH, LUMC, NGI, PGGM, Prosensa, and expecially all interviewees and editors, made it possible to develop the case.
  • Diagnostic study: The study resulted in insight in the added value of diagnostics in healthcare and the increased ability to make reliable investment-decisions on diagnostics. We set up a framework, validated it in expert meetings with representatives of all stakeholders and applied the framework on a set of cases.
  • CEBR network: The Decision Group is part of the CEBR network, the council of European BioRegions. The Decision Group participated in the Amsterdam and Cambridge meetings of this network, as well as a EU meeting.

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