Value of Diagnostics


“Diagnostics is the missing link for a sustainable healthcare system, providing immediate opportunities to reduce costs and to deliver higher quality of care.” – The Decision Group & Isala Klinieken

Diagnostics does not receive the attention it deserves

Did you know that in The Netherlands:

  • Diagnostics influences as much as 60-70% of healthcare decision making
  • Expenditure on diagnostics is even less than 6% of the total health expenditure

Today, too often diagnostics is regarded as a non value adding healthcare activity or as black box. Policymakers and managers tend to see treatment and diagnostics as one, however there is a huge difference. Treatment cures people. Diagnostics improves clinical decision making, which has an impact on treatments. This fundamental shift in thinking causes an increasing number of organizations to struggle with the central question; how to assess the value of diagnostics.

The First Decision Framework for Diagnostics

The first decision framework for diagnostics will help you and your organization to assess the value of different types of diagnostics and provides a much more efficient mechanism to take reimbursement, investment and portfolio decisions. The framework provides immediate opportunities to deliver higher quality healthcare and to significantly reduce costs. A common set of decision criteria helps to make choices for usage of diagnostics and the value it can deliver. For the first time patients, medical boards, hospital boards, labs, industry, health insurers and policy makers can use one common point of view of the value of diagnostics.

Special event – The Value of Diagnostics

 The Decision Group and Isala Klinieken organize an event to share the latest insights on the Value of Diagnostics; the study results, new framework and the method.

When: Tuesday June 5th  2012 -  14.00u till 18.00u
Where:  Hotel Wientjes, Stationsweg 7, Zwolle 

To register for participation, please fill out the online application form.


The 5 Decision Group Steps to unleash your potential of diagnostics:

  1. Understand the value of diagnostics
  2. Measure the value of diagnostics dissimilar as the value of treatment
  3. Invest in better diagnostics and evaluate “me too” products
  4. Break down organizational barriers
  5. Use health economics on reimbursement decisions when needed

Immediate opportunities to implement:

  • An alternative diagnostic procedure  for Wegener’s disease can save up to 200 persons of the of dialysis and possible kidney transplant and at the same time reduces costs with €30 mln per year*.
  • An alternative test for Acute Myocardial Infarction can save up to 800 lives per year and at the same time reduces costs with €30 mln per year*.

*Immediate opportunities to implement, retrospective validated, according to two Dutch hospitals which used the new framework of The Decision Group and Isala Klinieken


The Decision Group would like to acknowledge the invaluable assistance of our partners at The George Washington University, Harvard Business School, the six members of our international academic advisory council, the people involved with the special research cases and the 30 experts of our executive sessions. The experts were representatives of all (healthcare) stakeholders; industry, care&cure, government, insurers and patients. This study is a co-production between The Decision Group and Isala Klinieken. Created by:  ir. Maarten Koomans, Prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam, Kim Bruheim, Msc., Ir. Roald van Leeuwen and Frank Westerhof, Msc – The Decision Group. Co-written by Jaap Stuut, MBA,  Dr. Bert Dikkeschei and Dr. Robert Slingeland – Isala Klinieken.

More information

A special executive summary of our study on the Value of Diagnostics can be downloaded. Please feel free to forward this executive summary to a colleague or friend. For more information, please contact Kim Bruheim, Msc.: