Advance Topline or Bottomline ? Design your Growth Strategy

Our approach to growth demands different looking glasses, or angles to offer the right course of action. We find that seldom one clear solution brings optimal results, especially in these volatile and ever more global times.

Four main avenues for growth:

  1. Basic growth approaches
    a. Keep what you have. Retain a solid foundation which brings in the cash.
    b. Expand marketshare. Outcompete your competititors.
    c. Reposition. Use your assets in different segments.
    d. Adjacencies. Offer new products & services in line with your current portfolio.
    e. Create new business. Change your business model, or move into new markets.
  2. Leverage Growth approach
    Use the structures and networks in the market to enhance the value and distribution of your own product or service; without investing in development or investing in own assets.
  3. Change focus from products to services
    This view is typically used in industries where there is little or no clear means to distinguish products between competitors. By using the Service Opportunity Grid we will help you define whether you can change the focus of your current activities or add new initiatives to your current business.
  4. Organize growth as a process
    When the longer term commitment is aimed at growth, the organization can benefit from organizing around customers and growth. From customer focus, innovation and technology, to sales excellence and globalization. All these elements need to be connected. This approach perfectly fits in the ‘new ways of working’ where traditional boundaries do no longer exist.