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The Strategy process is often viewed and organized as an annual ritual. It is a highly valuable process to engage and direct most companies, until the speed and timing of changes increase. Often the first reaction to these changes is to direct abundant resources towards the grave and looming danger.

We value and encourage all our clients to put a great strategic planning process in place. Under the influence of a changing (and in many instances uncertain environment), we recommend our clients to install a Strategic Dialogue as a continuous process.

Strategic Dialogue enables decision makers and their staff to:

  • leverage their experience.
  • take the forces from the environment.
  • engage in a continuous cycle of creating new business ideas and aligning possible new initiatives.

All aside the traditional strategic planning processes – which is almost always linked to the budgetary processes – the Strategic Dialogue process builds on new ‘big’ ideas and remodels them, while creating actions to put them in place. All as part of a continuous process, involving key staff ensuring buy-in, alignment, flexibility and responsiveness.

The Strategic Dialogue mostly consists of periodic meetings. The format of these sessions is highly interactive, and often facilitated through our Decision Lab. Getting it done in 1/3 of the time !

The Strategic Dialogue also facilitates frequent checks and discussions with key-responsible management and staff to help review and fine-tune strategy and execution.


Strategic Alignment can be regarded as the compass for Strategy Implementation.

How do I ensure that my newly formulated strategy is accepted and carried out by the entire organization? Can I keep track of our priorities? Is our roadmap or route still leading to the desired objectives?

The Decision Group supports clients with these fundamental questions that play a significant role in the success of any chosen strategy.

The objective of Strategic Alignment is to create a Strategic Execution Agenda, which can be championed by the entire leadership and organization. In this process we aim to create an architecture of our clients company that enables implementation of the strategic agenda.

We monitor progress and facilitate priority setting; we coach leaders in execution, and formulate corrective actions.

The Decision Group uses their insights, experience, methods and tools to motivate, manage, monitor and reinforce the execution of the strategic agenda.