• Access to large network provided to USA health professionals

    An enthusiastic group of academic health administration professionals visited The Netherlands last week. Together with AUPHA, The Decision Group’s affiliate The Decision Institute organized a study tour of the Dutch Healthcare System. The purpose of tour was to provide new ways to think about specific health management and policy issues. How the Netherlands has excelled or experimented with innovative programs and what are the unique challenges to learn from.

    Large (academic) network

    A large network of main players in healthcare was provided; from policy makers, and (academic) hospitals till insurers and patient organisations.  The connections of The Decision Group were the focus of this week. The group visited amongst others the Ministry of Health, Menzis Healthcare and the Catharina Ziekenhuis. The participants were impressed by the Dutch System. The approval of the Obama Care Act gave a special touch to the tour.

    • Visit our Healthcare page, to learn more on our Healthcare projects and methods.
    • Read the blog of the CEO of AUPHA Lydia Middleton for more information on the activities of the special week.  
    • Contact ir. Niels van Gorp to connect to our large healthcare & academic network or for further questions.

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  • Research and education cooperations strengthened

    Barcelona/Amsterdam – 1 June 2012 – IESE Business School in cooperation with Intrabond Capital Corporation (Dr. Rodria Laline) and The Decision Institute (Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam) have joined forces to bring the much acclaimed ‘Maximize Your Board’s Potential’ seminar on corporate governance to European soil.

    IESE Business School published a press release on the cooperation with The Decision Institute , partner of The Decision Group. A European edition of the successful Maximize Your Board’s Potential is designed and will be held in 2013.

    • Read the complete press release of IESE
    • Visit The Decision Institute website for more information on our Maximize Your Board’s Potential seminar
    • Register now for the 3rd edition by filling in the application form.

    Academic Collaborations

    On the areas of Research, Education and Academic Grounding of methodologies and projects, The Decision Group collaborates with various world class universities and business schools. The last months, these collaborations and our Academic Connections are further strengtened and expanded. On June 27, our International Academic Advisory Council on Life Sciences and Clusters will meet again to support development of the Dutch Life Sciences & Health Outlook 2013 with an exclusive visit to the Netherlands.

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  • The Decision Group Framework: a new way of looking at diagnostics

    At the successful event on The Value of Diagnostics of June 5th 2012, The Decision Group Framework was launched. This decision framework for diagnostics will help organizations to asses the value of diagnostics. The framework and methodology received very positive replies from the audience:

    • The event was very usefull and inspiring. It gave me a new vision on how to interpret costs and value. – Medical specialist
    • The Decision Framework is innovative and can result in product improvement. The Value of Diagnostics is the ‘new thinking’  – Director of Life Sciences company
    • The Decision Group succeeded to open a new discussion on diagnostics, via a differen point of view and a practical approach’  – Head Clinical Chemistry

    A large variety of stakeholder groups were present at the event. A sample of the companies and organisations represented:

    Borstkankervereniging Nederland IKNL
    Check-Points B.V.  Isala Klinieken
    Citeq Health Products Ned. Ver. voor Radiologie
    De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar Nucletron
    Diaconessenhuis Meppel NVOG
    Distrilab BV Philips Healthcare Benelux
    E-nose Radboud University Nijmege MC
    Erasmus MC Roche Diagnostics Nederland
    Flevoziekenhuis Saltro 
    Forbion Capital Partners Saxenburgh groep
    GE Healthcare St Lucas Andreas Ziekenhuis
    Glaxo Smith Kline Virtual Proteins BV
    Haga Teaching Hospital Vu University Medical Center
    Hycult Biotech  


    During the discussion it became clear that this new approach brings high added value for the different stakeholders.  Actions to learn more:

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    Masterclasses Value Based Health Care
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    Masterclass Healthcare ‘New&Improved’

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  • The Value of Diagnostics – Launch Event on June 5th, 2012

    Did you know that in The Netherlands:

    • Diagnostics influences as much as 60-70% of healthcare decision making
    • Expenditure on diagnostics is even less than 6% of the total health expenditure

    Diagnostics does not  receive the attention it deserves. It is the missing link for a sustainable healthcare system, providing immediate opportunities to reduce costs and to deliver higher quality of care.

    The Value of Diagnostics – The Study

    The Decision Group and Isala Klinieken proudly present the results of the study  “the Value of Diagnostics”. This study resulted in the first decision framework for diagnostics. It will help you and your organization to assess the value of different types of diagnostics and provides a much more efficient mechanism to take  reimbursement, investment and portfolio decisions.

    On Tuesday June 5th, the latest insights will be shared on our study results, the new framework and the method. The event will take place on 14.00u-18.00u in Hotel Wientjes, Stationsweg 7, Zwolle.

    To register for participation, please fill out the online application form or contact Kim Bruheim (k.bruheim@thedecisiongroup.nl). For more information on the Value of Diagnostics visit our special website and download the Executive Summary.

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  • Luxury Good potential for Dutch Flowers discussed with Monaco MBA’s

    In the effort to help the internationalization of the Dutch flower cluster further, a workshop with case discussion was provided by Partner of The Decision Group at the International University of Monaco. The potential of Dutch flowers as a luxury good were explored during case discussion of the Harvard Business Case on the cluster. The Dutch Flower Cluster is one of the top clusters in the Netherlands, a designated “topgebied”  for innovation policy.

    The Decision Group and Clusters and Competitiveness

    Since 1998, The Decision Group has developed extensive expertise on Clusters and Competitiveness.  The Decision Group has helped monitoring clusters success, developed strategic plans and scenario’s and is active in association management. Furthermore, advanced strategic tools as Scenario 3.0 and the Decision Lab 3.0 are developed to help you to make your business decisions and to improve your competitive advantage. Our work on clusters and competitiveness has academic grounding through our connects to Prof. Michael Porter and his  Microeconomics of Competitiveness course and international network, linked with HBS’s Institute for Strategy & Competitiveness.

    The Decision Group Strategy Consulting on Competitiveness & Clusters:
    Consulting on Competitiveness & Clusters
    Decision lab 3.0
    Monitoring Succes of the Dutch Life Sciences Cluster

    The Decision Institute: Clusters and Competitiveness:
    The Netherlands Institute of Competitiveness
    Microeconomics of Competitiveness
    The Dutch Flower Cluster Case

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  • Outcome Measures: Value Creation for Patients

    An inspiring and successful Clinical Management Workshop was organized at the first spring day of 2012, March 21st. The workshop was part of the Clinical Management Workshop Series. A large group of healthcare professionals from various hospitals and participants from the industry actively discussed the latest insights and Dutch situation regarding the subject of ‘Outcome Measures: value creation for patients’.

    The key learnings of the workshops were connected to the following topics:

    • Health outcomes are both the starting point to create patient value, as steering indicators for internal organization.
    • Outcomes, costs, and the activities in the care cycle are interrelated, change in any of these elements has effects on the other two.
    • Practice units should be integrated and be uncoupled from finance units. The financial structure should not be leading the organizational structure.
    • Medical AND managerial coordinators are essential for optimal collaboration between units

    Value-based Healthcare & Outcome Measures

    Next to the Clinical Management Workshop Series, we organize several other programs and projects:

    • Inhouse masterclasses and workshops on outcome measures
    • Co-development projects on new outcome measures
    • Tailored projects on ‘Value-based Healthcare’

    Check our proceedings at Catharina Hospital (Eindhoven) and Antonius Hospital (Nieuwegein) – Meetbaar Beter Project

    For more information, please contact us at 0346-574942, or send an e-mail to Barbara Schooneveldt; b.schooneveldt@thedecisiongroup.nl.

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    – Clinical Management Workshop “Managing Hospital Safe – Guards”.
    – Clinical Management Workshop “Concentration and Distribution”.
    – Masterclass Healthcare ‘New&Improved’
    – Masterclass Outcome Measures

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  • Dutch Economic Strategy Discussed with Harvard students

    Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam, partner of The Decision Group and Dirk Hogervorst, of FloraHolland, acted as case protagonists in Prof. Michael Porters’s teaching of the Dutch Flower Cluster case. The topics discussed were on strategies in clusters and competitiveness in relation to the Dutch Economy. The Dutch Flower Cluster Case, the succes story of the flower industry in The Netherlands, is a Harvard Business School case written by Prof. Porter, Dr. Ramirez-Vallejo and Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam with the help of Dirk Hogervorst of FloraHolland. The flower industry is important for the Dutch economy and part of the topsector horticulture & propagation materials. With topsectors, the Dutch government has set a focus on core clusters for innovation policy.  

    The Decision Group and Clusters and Competitiveness

    The Decision Group has extensive expertise in competitiveness, clusters and associations. Our work in clusters has academic grounding through Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam’s connects to Harvard’s  Microeconomics of Competitiveness course and international network. The Decision Group helps monitoring clusters success, develops strategic plans and scenario’s, and is active in association management. For 4 years now, The Decision Group develops a yearly Outlook for the Dutch Life Science Health cluster, monitoring performance & progress with recommendations for future improvement. The Decision Group just started development of the Dutch Life Sciences & Health Outlook 2013. 

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    The Decision Group Strategy Consulting on Competitiveness & Clusters:
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    The Dutch Life Sciences Outlook:
    –  Outlook 2012

    The Decision Institute: Clusters and Competitiveness:
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    Microeconomics of Competitiveness
    The Dutch Flower Cluster Case

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  • Clinical Management Workshop Series

    The Decision Group organizes with The Decision Institute a series of Clinical Management workshops on the latest academic insights.
    Please click here for the brochure, or go to the dedicated website on the workshop series.

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  • Astra Zeneca and Antonius Conference on Cardio and Outcomes

    Outcome Measures in Cardiology

    Friday the 23rd of September St. Antonius hospital and AstraZeneca organized a successful conference on innovation and outcomes in cardiology. The speakers focused on the status and developments on healthcare quality measurement and reporting from the perspective of health insurers (Ms. D. Monissen, De Friesland), hospitals (Ir. D. M. Schraven, St. Antonius hospital), and cardiologists (prof. S.K. James, MD, PhD). Prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam started off the conference with a presentation on the methodology and implementation of outcome measures in hospital care. Focus of his presentation are the newest insight and developments of The Decision Group from research and cooperation in their international network with The George Washington University, St. Gallen Universitat, and Harvard Business School. The conference showed a high-level of interaction between cardiologists, hospital executives, patient representatives and government policy makers.

    Please feel free to contact us personally to discuss this topic and the possible opportunities for your organization.

    ir. Maarten Koomans
    Paul van der Nat
    prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam

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  • Symposium on Outcomes in Cardiology

    The Decision Group on Outcome Measures

    On September 23rd, Antonius hospital and AstraZeneca organize a symposium on innovation, quality and outcomes in cardiology. Partner of The Decision Group, Prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam presents the latest insights on Outcome Measures.

    Nieuwegein conferentie:Innovatie,kwaliteit en outcomes in cardiologie. 23 september 2011 from algemeen on Vimeo.

    Program in short

    As first speaker, Prof. Fred van Eenennaam will start of the conference with a presentation on outcome measures. The program will end with a promising discussion between Fred and Diana Monissen (CEO De Friesland), Dirk Schraven (board Antonius hospital), and Prof. James Upsalla. Ab Klink, the former Minister of Health Welfare and Sports will open the discussion with his challenging vision for the Dutch healthcare system.


    On the embedded video above, you will find a complete overview of the program, including an invitation by Dr. J.M. ten Berg. You can apply for registration online at: https://www.benecke.nl/.
    For more information on Outcome Measures and what The Decision Group can do for your organization, do not hesitate to send an e-mail to partner  ir. Maarten Koomans, or prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam, or call us at +31 (0)346 574 942

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