Compliments for Meetbaar Beter & Value Based Health Care

The first outcome measures and results for several medical conditions in cardiology are known! More than 250 visitors attended the impressive symposium in the Ruwenberg St. Michielsgestel on October 12, 2012. Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam, partner of The Decision Group, led the afternoon, and told how Value Based Health Care works and how the outcome measures have been established.

Patient Value

The outcome measures are developed from the perspective of the patient. What are the value adding activities for the patient and how can value be measured? Maarten Koomans, partner of The Decision Group and chairman of Value Based Health Care Center Europe explains: “The results are for the total care of the patient. Not limited to the hospital and not only for the treatment by the medical specialist.” This is underlined by Dennis van Veghel, project leader Meetbaar Beter. “We give the patient insights into what he or she may expect of us”.


The patient organization Heart & Vascular Group was enthusiastic about the approach. It is: “durven, doen en doorpakken“. The Consumentenbond added: “There is widespread support created and it is started by the medical specialist“. The cardiologists and cardio thoracic surgeons have worked with The Decision Group to develop  outcome measures. “It’s works like a mirror,” admits Jacques Koolen cardiologist Catharina Ziekenhuis. Through intensive collaboration we learned from each other, and the dialogue was based on quality.


Several websites (, skipr, zorgvisie), radio (radio 1) and television (including nos-journal) paid attention to the symposium. Achmea Senior Medical Advisor Ben Crul complimented Meetbaar Beter with its speed and scientific argumentation. Joel Gijzen Director Zorg Inkoop CZ stressed that attention should be paid on improving the care process with outcome measures as a clear internal quality control. Comparing with other hospitals is secondary. VGZ Maarten van der Vorst shared the view of Achmea and CZ and was particularly pleased with the acceptance of the field.

Meanwhile, four hospitals indicated to participate in Meetbaar Beter. Veronique Esman-Peeters Director Curatieve Zorg hopes that people will cooperate with Meetbaar Beter. She is very happy with the speed of the project.

Learn More?

Learn how Outcome Measures can be developed and implemented during the Masterclass Outcome Measures of  October 30, 2012. Sign up or send an email to Niels van Gorp for more information. Best practices in the field of clinical management are discussed at the Clinical Management Workshop Series based on Harvard Business Cases. Discover how the Cleveland Clinic implemented outcome measures or how Intermountain optimized its processes. Visit the website for more information.

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