Decision Group methodology part of topsector Life Science & Health plan

Plans for the Dutch topsectors LSH sector presented to Minister Verhagen

The 9 topsectors the Dutch government has assigned presented their individual sectorplans to the minister of Economic Affairs on friday June 17th.  Life Sciences and Health is one of the 9 topsectors that presented their ambition and action agenda for the next 10-15 years. To measure progress on the action agenda, the methodology developed by The Decision Group together with Life Science & Health innovationprogramme is mentioned.

Measuring methodology

The methodology that was developed by The Decision Group to monitor the performance and progress in the Dutch Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sector has been acknowledged by the topsector. Our data on the core of innovative companies in the Dutch cluster was used to indicate the size and output of the cluster. And moreover, the way we measure the size, in-  and output of the Dutch LSH cluster  is seen as a proven methodology to monitor progress of the cluster’s ambition and agenda and provides a baseline for measuring progress in the next years.

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