Dutch Life Sciences Outlook 2012 in the news

After the successful launch of the Dutch Life Science Outlook 2012,  Dutch media published the report’s key messages in newspapers, and in newsitems on Dutch television. 

Key messages

Most attention was paid to the survey-based forecasts that start-up and smaller companies in the biotechnology will get under high pressure if they don’t get access to private and public investments. Contrary to the focus chosen by Dutch newspapers, the key conclusions from the Outlook 2012 according to The Decision Group are:

  • Growth and outperformance: The Dutch lsh cluster shows growth in size and products and ouperforms the Dutch economy on growth in number of companies and employment.
  • Positive Expectations: Entrepreneurs have positive expectations of the future despite disappearence of large companies.
  • Partnering: Facilitating (international) partnerships remains very important or future growth of the companies in the Dutch lsh cluster.

 Het Financieel Dagblad, the newspaper with an economic and financial focus, spent two articles on the Dutch Life Science Outlook 2012:
Geldstroom ‘life sciences’ dreigt op te drogen – FD of Thursday 19 January 2012, page 14
Subsidie schraagt groei life sciences – FD of Monday 23 January 2012

Furthermore, a special news item about the changes in the Life Sciences Sector based on the Outlook, was broadcast by RTL Z, the financial news channel.

Life Sciences and The Decision Group

The Decision Group has extensive expertise on Life Sciences. Our client list includes many companies in big pharma as well as in medical devices and biotech. This expertise is underlined by the yearly published Dutch Life Sciences Outlook.

More information about The Decision Group’s work on Life Sciences can be found on our special website.
The Dutch Life Sciences Outlook 2012 can be downloaded from our dedicated website www.lifesciencesoutlook.com.
Official press release of Outlook 2012 by Life Science & Health: Stijging aantal bedrijven en werkgelegenheid biotech sector

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