Experts give vision on implementation and use Outcome Measures

‘Determining Outcome Measures based on the Value Based Healthcare methodolgy is very practical and forces to think in small steps. A bottom-up perspective that can result in  major culture changes.’ These were the two main conclusions of the healthcare experts during the masterclass Outcome Measures of affiliate The Decision Institute.

Establishing Outcome Measures is an essential step in creating Patient Value. It results in putting the patient at the core of the Healthcare system. From a historical perspective, outcome measures are developed to provide information to several governmental institutions.  However, these measures can also be used beyond compliance to function as a tool to improve quality and efficiency.  The implementation requires a company culture change. However, by starting with small steps, these changes will roll out automatically.

Implementation: Do and Don’ts


  • Select the right outcome measures; first the most relevant outcome measures for patients and the medical staff, then for the board and insurance companies.
  • Improve the culture of the organization from bottom up.
  • The quality of decision making by indicators, depends on clearly defined medical conditions.
  • Your own leading medical professionals, with outside help and references, will lead this process most effectively.

Do not

  • Do not fall in the trap of availability of data, process or structure measures and health economic methodologies.
  • Avoid making this a staff accreditation excercise.
  • Do not bother with the many and unsuccesful indicator efforts in The Netherlands, they have obstructed clinical delivery and decision making.

Value Based Healthcare: How to start?   

The Decision Group has internationally leading expertise on the development of patient relevant medical outcome measures. As official Partner of Prof. Michael Porter at Harvard Business School we have developed practical ways to implement his theory of ‘Value-based Healthcare’.  One of our Value Based Healthcare projects is the development of outcome measures for the heart centers of Catharina-hospital Eindhoven and Antonius hospital Nieuwegein. In case, you would like to learn more:

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