Great results voor Meetbaar Beter

Great results for Meetbaar Beter

The Decision Group is proud to be a methodological partner of Meetbaar Beter, Winner VBHC Prize 2014, since the beginning in 2010. It is great to see how far Meetbaar Beter has come in such a short amount of time.

Meetbaar Beter is a foundation that creates transparency in patient outcomes and the quality of care in heart centers. Trough transparency Meetbaar Beter aims to improve the quality of care. So far, they have managed to achieve great goals. Recently, newspaper AD announced the striking results of Meetbaar Beter on the collaboration of heart surgeons, who are willing to learn from eachother, instead of compete with eachother. Cardiology care of the involved centers improved by learning, measuring patient outcomes, and creating transparency in these outcomes. Great news for all heart surgeons and patients in the Netherlands.

Due to the efforts of Meetbaar Beter the first long-term quality-based contract is a fact. Insurer CZ, partner of the VBHC Prize 2016, and Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven agreed on this remarkable agreement in which Meetbaar Beter sets the quality outcome measurements on which reimbursement is based. Great results which means a value-based health care system is on the rise.

We hope Meetbaar Beter will reach many more striking results in the field of Value-Based Health Care.



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