Meetbaar Beter Outcome Books available for download

The first outcome measures and results for several medical conditions in cardiology are known! Download the Meetbaar Beter books by clicking the seperate books for the Heart Centers of Catharina and St Antonius hospitals.

Meetbaar Beter – Value Based Health Care

With Meetbaar Beter, The Decision Group, together with the cardiologists and cardio thoracic surgeons of Catherina and St Antonius Nieuwegein Hospitals developed patient relevant medical Outcome Measures for 5 medical conditions in cardiology and new medical conditions are being explored.

Meetbaar Beter is based on the concepts of Value Based Health Care.  The outcome measures are developed from the perspective of the patient. What are the value adding activities for the patient and how can value be measured? Learn more and visit the dedicated website:

Learn More? Masterclass Outcome Measures – October 30

Learn how Outcome Measures can be developed and implemented during the Masterclass Outcome Measures of  October 30, 2012 or March 6th, 2012.  Sign up or send an email to Niels van Gorp for more information. Best practices in the field of clinical management are discussed at the Clinical Management Workshop Series based on Harvard Business Cases. Discover how the Cleveland Clinic implemented outcome measures or how Intermountain optimized its processes. Visit the website for more information.

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