Patient Relevant Medical Outcome Measures for Cardiology

On October 12 2012, for the first time in the Netherlands, patient relevant medical Outcome Measures will be presented. The Decision Group, together with the cardiologists and cardio thoracic surgeons of Catherina and St Antonius Nieuwegein Hospitals developed patient relevant medical Outcome Measures for 5 medical conditions in cardiology.

Symposium MeetBaar Beter

The results of  MeetBaar Beter  (measurably better) will be presented on a special symposium. The initiative has been embraced by all stakeholders in the field and it is supported by specialists. The Outcome Measures are developed to facilitate decision making and dialogue  at all levels  and have already led to improvements in the quality of care delivered at the two hospitals. The full program can be found on the dedicated website Meetbaar Beter.

Develop Outcome Measures for your specialism

The Decision Institute offers together with the Value-Based Health Care Center Europe, a range of workshops and masterclasses. Learn how you can implement Outcome Measures in our Masterclass Outcome Measures on 30 October 2012. Subscribe now via our website for our accredited programs or send an email to Niels van Gorp for more information.

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