• Transparancy of qualtity of care goes beyond mortality rates

    Zorgvisie – December 3rd, 2012

    In December 2012 a number of hospitals made their mortality rate or so called HSMR (Hospital Standarised Mortality Ratio) public. This is an important step towards transparency of quality of care delivery.  However, we cannot rely on HSMR warns Piet-Hein Buiting the new CEO of Santeon (joint force of six top clinical Dutch hospitals). Comparing hospitals based on HSMR is unreliable and the number tells us nothing about the performance of individual departments. If we really want to give insight in quality of care, we need more specific data. In this respect Piet-Hein Buiting praises Meetbaar Beter, the joint effort of  the heart centres of Catharina  Hospital, St. Antonius Hospital Nieuwegein and The Decision Group.

    Outcome Measures

    With the Value Based Healthcare Center Europe, The Decision Group strives to develop patient relevant medical outcome measures that facilitate decision making and dialogue, making quality comprehensible. We provide clear insight in the whole cycle of care around a medical condition. Together with medical specialists, professionals and patients, the outcomes that are most relevant for the patient are successfully determined. Our methodology was successfully implemented in the project Meetbaar Beter.

    If you are interested to learn more about Value Based Healthcare and the use of Outcome Measures, please refer to our Clinical Management Workshop Series and our specialized Masterclasses Value Based Health Care.

    Visit our Value Based Health Care Center and learn, share and inspire!

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  • Experts give vision on implementation and use Outcome Measures

    ‘Determining Outcome Measures based on the Value Based Healthcare methodolgy is very practical and forces to think in small steps. A bottom-up perspective that can result in  major culture changes.’ These were the two main conclusions of the healthcare experts during the masterclass Outcome Measures of affiliate The Decision Institute.

    Establishing Outcome Measures is an essential step in creating Patient Value. It results in putting the patient at the core of the Healthcare system. From a historical perspective, outcome measures are developed to provide information to several governmental institutions.  However, these measures can also be used beyond compliance to function as a tool to improve quality and efficiency.  The implementation requires a company culture change. However, by starting with small steps, these changes will roll out automatically.

    Implementation: Do and Don’ts


    • Select the right outcome measures; first the most relevant outcome measures for patients and the medical staff, then for the board and insurance companies.
    • Improve the culture of the organization from bottom up.
    • The quality of decision making by indicators, depends on clearly defined medical conditions.
    • Your own leading medical professionals, with outside help and references, will lead this process most effectively.

    Do not

    • Do not fall in the trap of availability of data, process or structure measures and health economic methodologies.
    • Avoid making this a staff accreditation excercise.
    • Do not bother with the many and unsuccesful indicator efforts in The Netherlands, they have obstructed clinical delivery and decision making.

    Value Based Healthcare: How to start?   

    The Decision Group has internationally leading expertise on the development of patient relevant medical outcome measures. As official Partner of Prof. Michael Porter at Harvard Business School we have developed practical ways to implement his theory of ‘Value-based Healthcare’.  One of our Value Based Healthcare projects is the development of outcome measures for the heart centers of Catharina-hospital Eindhoven and Antonius hospital Nieuwegein. In case, you would like to learn more:

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  • Access to large network provided to USA health professionals

    An enthusiastic group of academic health administration professionals visited The Netherlands last week. Together with AUPHA, The Decision Group’s affiliate The Decision Institute organized a study tour of the Dutch Healthcare System. The purpose of tour was to provide new ways to think about specific health management and policy issues. How the Netherlands has excelled or experimented with innovative programs and what are the unique challenges to learn from.

    Large (academic) network

    A large network of main players in healthcare was provided; from policy makers, and (academic) hospitals till insurers and patient organisations.  The connections of The Decision Group were the focus of this week. The group visited amongst others the Ministry of Health, Menzis Healthcare and the Catharina Ziekenhuis. The participants were impressed by the Dutch System. The approval of the Obama Care Act gave a special touch to the tour.

    • Visit our Healthcare page, to learn more on our Healthcare projects and methods.
    • Read the blog of the CEO of AUPHA Lydia Middleton for more information on the activities of the special week.  
    • Contact ir. Niels van Gorp to connect to our large healthcare & academic network or for further questions.

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  • The Value of Diagnostics – Launch Event on June 5th, 2012

    Did you know that in The Netherlands:

    • Diagnostics influences as much as 60-70% of healthcare decision making
    • Expenditure on diagnostics is even less than 6% of the total health expenditure

    Diagnostics does not  receive the attention it deserves. It is the missing link for a sustainable healthcare system, providing immediate opportunities to reduce costs and to deliver higher quality of care.

    The Value of Diagnostics – The Study

    The Decision Group and Isala Klinieken proudly present the results of the study  “the Value of Diagnostics”. This study resulted in the first decision framework for diagnostics. It will help you and your organization to assess the value of different types of diagnostics and provides a much more efficient mechanism to take  reimbursement, investment and portfolio decisions.

    On Tuesday June 5th, the latest insights will be shared on our study results, the new framework and the method. The event will take place on 14.00u-18.00u in Hotel Wientjes, Stationsweg 7, Zwolle.

    To register for participation, please fill out the online application form or contact Kim Bruheim (k.bruheim@thedecisiongroup.nl). For more information on the Value of Diagnostics visit our special website and download the Executive Summary.

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  • The Decision Group hosts Dutch Hospital CEOs to Exclusive Harvard Workshop

    In the first week of January four Dutch Hospital CEOs accompanied Ir. Maarten Koomans (partner of The Decision Group) to the Harvard Business School in Boston.

    Prof. Porter emphasized our fine relationship by introducing the Decision Group as “our (Harvard Business School. red.) partner in unrolling the concepts of Value Based Healthcare in the Netherlands and Europe.”

    Value Based Healthcare

    During the Strategy for Healthcare Delivery Workshop, the latest insights were shared on Value Based Healthcare. Business cases of best practice hospitals were discussed with subjects like Time-driven Activity Based Costing, Outcome Measures, Integrated Practice Units and Network Strategy. Prof. Kaplan, the world renowned expert on accounting, was a keynote speakers during the workshop.

    The Decision Group has expertise on all Value Based Healthcare topics and integrates the best practices in our Healthcare projects. The “flagship project” is the definition of Outcome Measures for both Catharina Hospital and Antonius Hospital. In our Clinical Management Workshop Series the latest insights on Value Based Healthcare are shared with participating stakeholders in Dutch Healthcare.

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    Clinical Management Workshop Series
    Masterclass Healthcare ‘New&Improved’

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  • Clinical Management Workshop Series

    The Decision Group organizes with The Decision Institute a series of Clinical Management workshops on the latest academic insights.
    Please click here for the brochure, or go to the dedicated website on the workshop series.

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  • Medicare data show gap in hospital performance, perception

    From our international work on outcome measures, we would like to bring your attention to this (click to read the full article)  interesting study by USA today of Medicare data:

    The focus on relevant outcome measures is a key part of improving health care delivery (see also Quality-based selection of hospitals for Transcatheter Heart Valve Interventions and the symposium we organized about the results of this study ). Process measures, structure measures, different types of cost measures, quality measures, medically relevant patient outcome measures, patient reported outcome measures, health economic measures and patient perception and satisfaction measures have all been  intertwined. This strongly obscures effective decision making in healthcare. In our work and with the collaborations with Prof Porter (Outcome Measures project ) and others the opion is that medically relevant patient outcomes should be the yard stick for decision making.

    Whether patient perception and satisfaction measures (client measures) can be used as valid  indicators to get insight in the quality of health outcomes has been debated for some time now. The study of the Medicare data suggests at least to take extreme care in assuming a relationship.

    Please feel free to contact us personally to discuss this topic and the possible opportunities for your organization.

    ir. Maarten Koomans
    Paul van der Nat
    prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam

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