• Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam joins the Microeconomics of Competitiveness Affiliate Network Hall of Fame


    We are delighted to announce that Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam, partner of The Decision Group, has been put in the limelight by Prof. Dr. Michael Porter. Because of his contribution to the pragmatics of and research in the competitiveness of clusters, as well as his extensive involvement in the worldwide MOC network, Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam is now included in the Microeconomics of Competitiveness Affiliate Network Hall of Fame. We are proud of this unexpected honour, and we see it as an encouragement to continue to offer our expertise to all who can use it to their advantage.

    Visit our dedicated website to learn more on Competitiveness & Clusters!

    The Netherlands Institute for Competitiveness

    Furthermore, we are pleased and excited to announce that in December 2012, we have launched the Netherlands Institute for Competitiveness. The Institute could not have been established without the help from our international academic colleagues. It is the logical consequence of the experiences in the past. The center combines the international network of cluster organizations with academic and pragmatic expertise on international business. The aim of the Netherlands Institute for Competitiveness is to provide expertise, access and knowledge to 1) companies that wish to build their international business and 2) academic institutes that wish to increase their knowledge.

    We invite you to take a look at our website.

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  • Skipr: Quality through Outcome Measures

    “Heart centers measure the quality using outcome measures” is the title of the Skipr article on the Value Based Healthcare initiative “Meetbaar Beter”. Within Meetbaar Beter, The Decision Group, together with the cardiologists and cardio thoracic surgeons of Catherina and St Antonius Nieuwegein Hospitals developed patient relevant medical Outcome Measures for 5 medical conditions in cardiology. Additional medical conditions are being explored.

    • Download the excellent article of Skipr via the link, and learn more on Outcome Measures & Value Based Healthcare.

    Value Based Healthcare Center Europe

    In october 2012, a new center is launched: The Value Based Healthcare Center Europe.  It is the vision, and the aim of Value Based Health Care – Center Europe, to share good and best practicesindepth knowledge and implementation insights on Value Based Health Care, putting Patient Value at the core.

    We have been working with Harvard Business School, Harvard Medical School and the University through Prof. M. Porter on the concepts of Value-based Healthcare. We are official partner of Prof. Porter for implementation in NL and the EU.” – ir Maarten Koomans, Partner The Decision Group.

    The center provides a platform where visitors can learn about the VBHC concepts, share their own knowledge and get inspired to start the discussion on Patient Value. It stimulates and supports implementation and change of health organizations towards Value Based Health Care in The Netherlands and Europe.

    Visit our Value Based Health Care Center and learn, share and inspire!

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  • Compliments for Meetbaar Beter & Value Based Health Care

    The first outcome measures and results for several medical conditions in cardiology are known! More than 250 visitors attended the impressive symposium in the Ruwenberg St. Michielsgestel on October 12, 2012. Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam, partner of The Decision Group, led the afternoon, and told how Value Based Health Care works and how the outcome measures have been established.

    Patient Value

    The outcome measures are developed from the perspective of the patient. What are the value adding activities for the patient and how can value be measured? Maarten Koomans, partner of The Decision Group and chairman of Value Based Health Care Center Europe explains: “The results are for the total care of the patient. Not limited to the hospital and not only for the treatment by the medical specialist.” This is underlined by Dennis van Veghel, project leader Meetbaar Beter. “We give the patient insights into what he or she may expect of us”.


    The patient organization Heart & Vascular Group was enthusiastic about the approach. It is: “durven, doen en doorpakken“. The Consumentenbond added: “There is widespread support created and it is started by the medical specialist“. The cardiologists and cardio thoracic surgeons have worked with The Decision Group to develop  outcome measures. “It’s works like a mirror,” admits Jacques Koolen cardiologist Catharina Ziekenhuis. Through intensive collaboration we learned from each other, and the dialogue was based on quality.


    Several websites (nu.nl, skipr, zorgvisie), radio (radio 1) and television (including nos-journal) paid attention to the symposium. Achmea Senior Medical Advisor Ben Crul complimented Meetbaar Beter with its speed and scientific argumentation. Joel Gijzen Director Zorg Inkoop CZ stressed that attention should be paid on improving the care process with outcome measures as a clear internal quality control. Comparing with other hospitals is secondary. VGZ Maarten van der Vorst shared the view of Achmea and CZ and was particularly pleased with the acceptance of the field.

    Meanwhile, four hospitals indicated to participate in Meetbaar Beter. Veronique Esman-Peeters Director Curatieve Zorg hopes that people will cooperate with Meetbaar Beter. She is very happy with the speed of the project.

    Learn More?

    Learn how Outcome Measures can be developed and implemented during the Masterclass Outcome Measures of  October 30, 2012. Sign up or send an email to Niels van Gorp for more information. Best practices in the field of clinical management are discussed at the Clinical Management Workshop Series based on Harvard Business Cases. Discover how the Cleveland Clinic implemented outcome measures or how Intermountain optimized its processes. Visit the website for more information.

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  • Heart Centers share their results on Outcome Measures

    For the first time in the Netherlands, patient relevant medical Outcome Measures will be presented. The Decision Group, together with the cardiologists and cardio thoracic surgeons of Catherina and St Antonius Nieuwegein Hospitals developed patient relevant medical Outcome Measures for 5 medical conditions in cardiology.

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  • Patient Relevant Medical Outcome Measures for Cardiology

    On October 12 2012, for the first time in the Netherlands, patient relevant medical Outcome Measures will be presented. The Decision Group, together with the cardiologists and cardio thoracic surgeons of Catherina and St Antonius Nieuwegein Hospitals developed patient relevant medical Outcome Measures for 5 medical conditions in cardiology.

    Symposium MeetBaar Beter

    The results of  MeetBaar Beter  (measurably better) will be presented on a special symposium. The initiative has been embraced by all stakeholders in the field and it is supported by specialists. The Outcome Measures are developed to facilitate decision making and dialogue  at all levels  and have already led to improvements in the quality of care delivered at the two hospitals. The full program can be found on the dedicated website Meetbaar Beter.

    Develop Outcome Measures for your specialism

    The Decision Institute offers together with the Value-Based Health Care Center Europe, a range of workshops and masterclasses. Learn how you can implement Outcome Measures in our Masterclass Outcome Measures on 30 October 2012. Subscribe now via our website for our accredited programs or send an email to Niels van Gorp for more information.

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  • Understand your customers – Innovation & Growth

    “Understand your customers, your own DNA and design your own business model! But formost, timing. Timing of strategic moves is crucial.” These were the two main conclusions of case teacher and innovation expert Ir. Maarten Koomans during the workshop Innovation & Growth of the Strategy & Governance Excellence Series of affiliate The Decision Institute.

    Apple Inc as best practice

    Take Apple. It has been a rocky-ride for most of their existence. Sure, now they are the most valueable company with a P/E of 13, but not always. What connects their NOW with their PAST is the profile of their customer base, innovation capabilities combined with their own true understanding of design and users. The Intel move should not have happened two years earlier or later. Both would have been disasterous. The Business Model Canvas serves in this discussion as a super conversation tool to understand where your core is, and where you might look to find a starting point for new approaches/products/services.

    Continuously, business environments change; new competitors enter the market, new technologies appear and other substitution services or products reach your clients. To stay ahead of the curve, it is necessary to think about your business model over and over again.

    • What is the added value for the client?
    • What are the key activities of the business?
    • What are the costdrivers of the business?

    Partnering with Business Models Inc., The Decision Group can visualize and develop a value proposition for your business, with the tool: Advanced Business Model Canvas.

    More Information

    For more information about the Strategy & Governance Excellence Series of affiliate The Decision Institute, can be found on our website.

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  • Prosensa – Dutch biotech success

    Prosensa is a succesful biotech company in the Dutch Life Sciences Cluster. In January 2012 it closed the Series C round and raised another $30 million, by a large international investor.  Prosensa has grown from a small startup to a renowned Dutch biotech company in the development of a treatment from “bench to bed” for orphan diseases.

    Partner The Decision Institute has written a Harvard Style Business Case about the company and its search for a treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a rare genetic disorder. The objective is to demonstrate the best practices of the Dutch biotech cluster. What can we learn from Prosensa and the biotech cluster? What are their strategies to bind large investors? Thanks to Leiden University, LSH, LUMC, NGI, PGGM, Prosensa, The Decision Institute and expecially all interviewees and editors who made it possible to develop the The Prosensa Case; Pioneering & Partnering. The case and the experiences of The Decision Group can help you to bind international partnerships for your strategic next steps.  

    Biotech and The Decision Group.

    Since 1998,  extensive expertise is built in biotech and life sciences. Out portfolio contains a wide range of projects for big pharma, medical device companies and biotech companies. Scenario analysis and strategic reviews as well as helping  to create patient centered relations with customers and realizing growthpotential in the cost-cutting market..
    Furthermore, The Decision Group monitors clusters success in Life Sciences & Health. The Dutch Life Sciences & Health Outlook measures performance and progress of the industry and benchmarks with succesful clusters worldwide. The aim of the Outlook 2013 is also to address the convergence to healthcare. Innovation from Bench to Bed.

    • Learn more on scenario planning and cluster monitoring by visiting the website advanced strategic tools.
    • Request your copy of the Dutch Life Sciences Outlook here.
    • Send an e-mail to Kim Bruheim to learn more on the possibilities with the new case.
    • See also:

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    Strategy & Governance Excellence Series

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  • The Decision Group Framework: a new way of looking at diagnostics

    At the successful event on The Value of Diagnostics of June 5th 2012, The Decision Group Framework was launched. This decision framework for diagnostics will help organizations to asses the value of diagnostics. The framework and methodology received very positive replies from the audience:

    • The event was very usefull and inspiring. It gave me a new vision on how to interpret costs and value. – Medical specialist
    • The Decision Framework is innovative and can result in product improvement. The Value of Diagnostics is the ‘new thinking’  – Director of Life Sciences company
    • The Decision Group succeeded to open a new discussion on diagnostics, via a differen point of view and a practical approach’  – Head Clinical Chemistry

    A large variety of stakeholder groups were present at the event. A sample of the companies and organisations represented:

    Borstkankervereniging Nederland IKNL
    Check-Points B.V.  Isala Klinieken
    Citeq Health Products Ned. Ver. voor Radiologie
    De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar Nucletron
    Diaconessenhuis Meppel NVOG
    Distrilab BV Philips Healthcare Benelux
    E-nose Radboud University Nijmege MC
    Erasmus MC Roche Diagnostics Nederland
    Flevoziekenhuis Saltro 
    Forbion Capital Partners Saxenburgh groep
    GE Healthcare St Lucas Andreas Ziekenhuis
    Glaxo Smith Kline Virtual Proteins BV
    Haga Teaching Hospital Vu University Medical Center
    Hycult Biotech  


    During the discussion it became clear that this new approach brings high added value for the different stakeholders.  Actions to learn more:

    See also

    – The Decision Group Healthcare Consulting
    – The Decision Group Life Sciences Consulting

    Executive Education Programs Healthcare by affiliate The Decision Institute: 
    Clinical Management Workshop Series
    Masterclasses Value Based Health Care
    Strategy & Goverancence Excellence Series
    Masterclass Healthcare ‘New&Improved’

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  • New perspectives on the cost crisis in healthcare

     Our befriended affiliates at Harvard Business School; Prof. R.S. Kaplan and Prof. M.E. Porter published a new article in the New York Times. “Why Medical Bills Are a Mystery”.(Click to download)  The piece sheds light on the broken costing practices in health care and the opportunities that arise from accurately measuring the costs of resources used at the medical condition level. Combining improved costing practices with rigorous measurement of patient outcomes allows for targeted process redesign and care delivery improvements, which yield substantial savings and may be the only way to truly “bend the curve” of rising health care costs.

    The Decision Group hopes you enjoy the article and that it engenders discussion of these issues at your organization.

    Masterclass Health Costing

    The Decision Group and The Decision Institute work as the European partner of prof. Porter to roll out the principles of Value Based Healthcare, of which Health Costing forms an integral part.  Our new Masterclass Health Costing is now available to help you and your organization with a practical approach towards Health Costing and decisionmaking on costs. For more information on our open or inhouse Masterclass Health Costing or to run a pilot program, please contact Barbara Schooneveldt at b.schooneveldt@thedecisiongroup.nl. For more information on the other masterclasses in the Value Based Healthcare series, download the brochure or visit our healthcare website.

    See also:

    – The Decision Group Healthcare Consulting
    Academic Connections

    Executive Education Programs Healthcare by affiliate The Decision Institute: 
    Clinical Management Workshop Series
    Masterclass Healthcare ‘New&Improved’

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  • Luxury Good potential for Dutch Flowers discussed with Monaco MBA’s

    In the effort to help the internationalization of the Dutch flower cluster further, a workshop with case discussion was provided by Partner of The Decision Group at the International University of Monaco. The potential of Dutch flowers as a luxury good were explored during case discussion of the Harvard Business Case on the cluster. The Dutch Flower Cluster is one of the top clusters in the Netherlands, a designated “topgebied”  for innovation policy.

    The Decision Group and Clusters and Competitiveness

    Since 1998, The Decision Group has developed extensive expertise on Clusters and Competitiveness.  The Decision Group has helped monitoring clusters success, developed strategic plans and scenario’s and is active in association management. Furthermore, advanced strategic tools as Scenario 3.0 and the Decision Lab 3.0 are developed to help you to make your business decisions and to improve your competitive advantage. Our work on clusters and competitiveness has academic grounding through our connects to Prof. Michael Porter and his  Microeconomics of Competitiveness course and international network, linked with HBS’s Institute for Strategy & Competitiveness.

    The Decision Group Strategy Consulting on Competitiveness & Clusters:
    Consulting on Competitiveness & Clusters
    Decision lab 3.0
    Monitoring Succes of the Dutch Life Sciences Cluster

    The Decision Institute: Clusters and Competitiveness:
    The Netherlands Institute of Competitiveness
    Microeconomics of Competitiveness
    The Dutch Flower Cluster Case

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