• Transparancy of qualtity of care goes beyond mortality rates

    Zorgvisie – December 3rd, 2012

    In December 2012 a number of hospitals made their mortality rate or so called HSMR (Hospital Standarised Mortality Ratio) public. This is an important step towards transparency of quality of care delivery.  However, we cannot rely on HSMR warns Piet-Hein Buiting the new CEO of Santeon (joint force of six top clinical Dutch hospitals). Comparing hospitals based on HSMR is unreliable and the number tells us nothing about the performance of individual departments. If we really want to give insight in quality of care, we need more specific data. In this respect Piet-Hein Buiting praises Meetbaar Beter, the joint effort of  the heart centres of Catharina  Hospital, St. Antonius Hospital Nieuwegein and The Decision Group.

    Outcome Measures

    With the Value Based Healthcare Center Europe, The Decision Group strives to develop patient relevant medical outcome measures that facilitate decision making and dialogue, making quality comprehensible. We provide clear insight in the whole cycle of care around a medical condition. Together with medical specialists, professionals and patients, the outcomes that are most relevant for the patient are successfully determined. Our methodology was successfully implemented in the project Meetbaar Beter.

    If you are interested to learn more about Value Based Healthcare and the use of Outcome Measures, please refer to our Clinical Management Workshop Series and our specialized Masterclasses Value Based Health Care.

    Visit our Value Based Health Care Center and learn, share and inspire!

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  • Catharina and St Antonius hospitals take the lead on Outcome Measures with The Decision Group

    The Netherlands initiate innovative quality measurement in Healthcare

    Catharina hospital and St Antonius hospital have started a collaboration with The Decision Group in a project to measure  quality of care with medical related indicators, focusing on Patient Value. These indicators  are known as Outcome Measures and facilitate transparent reporting of quality of care. Dutch magazine for the Healthcare sector Zorgvisie wrote an article that refers to the kickoff of our project at our Outcome Measures Symposium on March 25th. (Click the picture to download the full article). In our opinion both hospitals and The Netherlands are taking the lead in Europe with this unique project, unlike the article’s title suggests.

    International connects

    The Outcome Measures project aims at selecting a comprehensive set of indicators that enable us to measure the endresults of care. The Decision Group , St Antonius and Catharina hospitals are the first to carry out such a project in The Netherlands. For this project, The Decision Group established an international academic council of leading methodology experts. Prof Dr. Lars Svensson from Cleveland Clinic, Leonard Friedman from George Washington University and Federico Lega of Bocconi University participate in this council. Catharina and St Antonius invited some of the Internationally most renowned medical experts in the field of cardiology and cardiothoracal surgery to join this council.

    Stakeholder involvement

    To make sure the project’s outcomes are well supported and validated by all stakeholders, a Stakeholder Sounding Board was established. The Sounding Board has representatives from large Dutch health insurers (on both board- and medical advice levels),  Patients and Government.

    If you are interested in our Outcome Measures project and methodology please contact The Decision Group (info@thedecisiongroup.nl)

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