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“Understand your customers, your own DNA and design your own business model! But formost, timing. Timing of strategic moves is crucial.” These were the two main conclusions of case teacher and innovation expert Ir. Maarten Koomans during the workshop Innovation & Growth of the Strategy & Governance Excellence Series of affiliate The Decision Institute.

Apple Inc as best practice

Take Apple. It has been a rocky-ride for most of their existence. Sure, now they are the most valueable company with a P/E of 13, but not always. What connects their NOW with their PAST is the profile of their customer base, innovation capabilities combined with their own true understanding of design and users. The Intel move should not have happened two years earlier or later. Both would have been disasterous. The Business Model Canvas serves in this discussion as a super conversation tool to understand where your core is, and where you might look to find a starting point for new approaches/products/services.

Continuously, business environments change; new competitors enter the market, new technologies appear and other substitution services or products reach your clients. To stay ahead of the curve, it is necessary to think about your business model over and over again.

  • What is the added value for the client?
  • What are the key activities of the business?
  • What are the costdrivers of the business?

Partnering with Business Models Inc., The Decision Group can visualize and develop a value proposition for your business, with the tool: Advanced Business Model Canvas.

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