Waardecreatie voor Patiënten, Bedrijven en het Life Sciences Cluster.

Amsterdam, Thursday February 5th 2015 – The Dutch Life Sciences cluster primarily consists of startup companies: of the 375 existing companies, 53% of the companies (200 companies) have less than six employees. More companies enrich the cluster every year (14 companies were founded in 2013) and after a two-year dip in employment, companies seem to have attracted more employees in 2013 (+5%; total of 23.737 employees).

The Dutch cluster seems very successful in converting knowledge into business ideas and eventually into the development of a product/service. The number of products in development was 96 in 2012 and increased to 121 in 2013. The revenue of the Dutch cluster decreased with 1% from approximately €19 bn. in 2012 to €18.8 bn. in 2013.

The results mentioned above came from the Life Sciences Outlook 2015, an initiative of the strategy consulting firm The Decision Group, that was presented today at the second edition of the inspiring event Innovation for Health.

Please read the entire press release in Dutch or in English here.

Download the complete Dutch Life Sciences Outlook 2015 article (in English) here.

For more information, visit www.lifesciencesoutlook.nl

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